Michael Fiore How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love Program

Michael Fiore How To kiss A Man

This review will look at the How To Kiss A Man program by Michael Fiore to show what it is all about and how it works.

I would be surprised if most people on the Internet who were interested in dating and relationship advice weren’t familiar with the name Michael Fiore. I’ve known Mike Fiore through his email newsletter, relationship programs and Digital Romance website for a few years now. He’s always been one of the go to guys in the field. I must say I have never heard any scam report on Michael Fiore nor any bad customer complaint. I’ll always listen to what he has to say and when he releases a new program it’s always something interesting.

Who Is Michael Fiore?

Michael Fiore

For those who have managed to avoid hearing about him, Mike is not only a successful relationship experts, he is the author of some of the best books and programs ever written about dating and relationship such as the popular How To Text Your Ex Back Program.

In a field where most of the information are very generic and cookie-cutter, Mike Fiore stands out as being able to provide cutting edge information to help singles and couples obtain and build happy relationships.

From dating to mending relationships to everything in-between, he covers all in high quality free information or premium guides.

Tom is also the creator of a program that I’ll review soon called The Text The Romance Back Program which deals more with sending texts related to rekindling romance in a relationship. Also, a highly recommended read.

But today I want to talk about Mike’s new product/program which he’s given the blatant title of How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love.

About Michael Fiore’s How To Kiss A Man Program

As you can see by the name, Mike is aiming to help women kiss to make a man fall head over heels for them with this new program.

Kissing a man is something any woman can do but only few are good at; meaning being good enough a kisser to get a man to fall in love and commit. But as much as anything, this has to do with simple lack of knowledge specifically about how men feel about kissing.

How To Kiss A Man is a tested and proven system that works on the male psychology. Michael clearly understands that the truth of pleasing your guy with a kiss is that it does indeed require effort and that a woman simply playing the role of the receiver and not the giver does work.

In discussing the problem on the How To Kiss A Man, Mike minces no words,

“A lie that has driven you into the arms of the wrong guys again and again…That a kiss is something a man “steals” from you, That your job as a woman isn’t to kiss but to be kissed To follow like you’re dancing a tango…That “spark” and chemistry are either there or they’re not and there’s nothing you as a woman can or should do about it..”

and then he explains how magical kisses are really formed,

“your kiss needs to take his imagination hostage so he can’t think of anyone or anything but you…”

Michael Fiore is all about getting you to push your limits, and in fact I think it might be safe to say, that he wants you to rid yourself of the notion that You let a man kiss you, like you’re giving him a gift.

What You’ll Get Inside How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love

The program provides kissing techniques from a mix of what works based om the experience of Michael Fiore and the lessons he’s learned during his years of coaching and teaching men and women along with research and studies. It’s a great mix as sometimes what an expert knows works, isn’t supported by a study. And this is why if you’re looking for lifestyle advice, it’s best to get it from someone who truly works with people, rather than from a researcher or writer who presents their theories though evidence based viewpoints.

The Bottom Line

At the end, I have no doubt that if you follow the advice in Michael Fiore’s How To Kiss A Man program, you’re going to dramatically change your dating and relationship life. If you’re the type of woman who is struggling to find the one – this might very well be the perfect guide for you.

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10 Tips To Lose Fat And Get Ripped While Maintaining Muscle

lose fat and get rippedHere are 10 useful tips that anyone can use to burn fat and get ripped without losing muscle.

Building a ripped muscular body is something that takes a fair amount of work and a lot of commitment. You also have to work smart and approach being fit from the right perspective. You must do three things for a new body: Change your diet, perform cardio exercises and lift weights. Of these three, the first is the most important.

No matter how strong you are, the best way to get rid of the layers of excess fat covering up the muscles is to change the foods that feed the fat replace them with foods that you can use to get ripped while maintaining muscle. Here are some diet and exercise tips to help you get the shape you want. I also recommend visiting leanmuscularbody.com to get more information on losing fat and getting ripped without losing muscle.

Diet Tips

1. Consume carbohydrates smartly.

In general, people eat too many carbohydrates. But cutting carbs completely from your diet is a bad idea. You need carbs to keep your energy levels up and fuel your muscle. So smart consumption of carbs is the best approach. The carbohydrates you eat should come from whole grain breads, rice and pasta, and fruits and vegetables. Do not eat too much processed carbohydrates like white bread, which quickly turns into fat.

2. Increase protein intake.

Protein is what your muscles use to build themselves, and it is the nutritional element least likely to be converted into fat. So increasing protein consumption gives the muscles much needed amino acids for repair, maintanance and growth.

3. Change your fat intake.

Fat is not evil. In fact, your body needs fat to survive. But some fats are better than others, the trans fat greasy fast food and donuts have less nutritional value than polyunsaturated fats from olive oil.

4. Party less.

Beer, wine and spirits are a major source of empty calories. If you reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, you will shed fat faster.

Cardio Tips

5. Use The Right Cardio Duration & Intensity.

Many people try to avoid cardio for fear of losing muscle. But the truth is you would not lose muscle if you perform cardio the right way, meaning in the right amount and at the right time. Perform 20-45 minutes of cardio every other day. This might include running, swimming, cycling, rowing and everything else that gets your heart pumping.

6. Use Low Intensity Cardio.

Perform cardio for a longer period of time at a lower intensity to reduce stress on the heart. This is good for beginners, but is not as effective as high-intensity interval training.

7. Include HIIT.

Perform high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, when you’ve got a handle on the lower-intensity workouts. This is a much shorter workout of 20-30 minutes where you exercise at a lower intensity for a minute to 90 seconds, then at extreme intensity for three minutes and repeat. This is a very effective form of cardio.

Weight Lifting Tips

7. Get A Good Weight Training Program.

Consult a trainer for a weightlifting program that works all your muscles. It is key that all muscle groups get exercised including stomach and back, and proper form must be utilized to prevent injury. The same goes for biceps and triceps, and upper body and lower body. If you don’t have access to weight training equipment you can always use a calisthenics program that requires only your body weight.

8. Aim For The 8-12 Rep Range when lifting Weights

Lift weights for eight to twelve repetitions every other day. This is the repetition range that will stimulate muscle growth, which is what you want for muscle mass.

9. Keep Lifting Heavy

When you are trying to get ripped and maintain muscle you need to be lifting heavy weights. This is very important for your body to hold on to the muscle. Ignore advice to lift low weights for high reps. This is basically just cardio, as you already do with your HIIT.

Final Tips

10. Some Additional Tips

Do not worry about getting too big. Since you do not eat so much, you will not become a bodybuilder overnight. Be careful not to injure yourself. Consult a physician if you have any health concerns.

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The 6 Basic Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners To Gain Strength

calisthenics exercises for beginners

Here you’ll find the basic calisthenics exercises that will help beginners strengthen the entire body. Each of these exercises is intended to use a different type of muscle group and this has the benefit that work uniformly, so your strength and skill level will also grow in tandem.

There are many calisthenics exercises, but they are really just variations of the basic exercises that you’ll be introduced to. These are considered as basic because they can be done by anyone.

Here are the list of basic calisthenics exercises for beginners:

1. Push up: It works the major and minor pectoral muscles (chest), both front and rear deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (arms).
2. Squat: It works the quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and inner thighs, hips and gastrocnemius (twins).
3. Pull ups: Work teres wide dorsal, biceps, rhomboids, trapezoids, forearms and hands.
4. Leg raises: Works all muscles in the abdominal area and thighs.
5. Bridges: Work all muscles of the lower back, the rear hips and femoral biceps.
6. Handstand: Work the triceps, shoulder girdle (all shoulder muscles), the trapezius muscles, hands, fingers and forearms.

Each of these represents a challenge as to the need for dedicate, focus and knowing specifically how to execute them. Once done right, each will strengthen you in an incredible way and in a short time. You may see that your strength is really increased in the first levels of each of these exercises.

Each of these exercises has its respective level of difficulty, and each level requires that your body and mind learn to control every centimeter of movement you make. This is the true expression of force: move with control.

And despite only being basic exercises, these are a solid foundation for the street workout. Since they give superhuman strength to each muscle of the body.

Here are a few samples of advance levels of these exercises:

One Arm Push up – Doing push up with arm while holding the othr behind your back.
Side To Side Pull Ups – Doing a pull up while moving your body from side to side in each rep.
Bending with one hand is exactly what it sounds like – very difficult but powerful exercise for building back muscle.

In summary

As you can see there are many calisthenics exercises that can be found everywhere, but these 6 exercises are the basics beginners must start with to build strength. Then you must progress to more advanced levels of these exercises or your strength gains will soon be stalled.

Mastering each of these exercises will give you superhuman strength, which is essential for most movements running in the street workout. Such as “iron” or human flag require your body to move in a controlled manner and support the entire weight of your body at angles that are difficult to sustain.

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Dr. Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime Program Review

To burn fat, shape muscle and change your fat-burning potential for good, you need a different exercise approach that is better than the basics. Not just shorter and more intense, but one that is carefully structured and specifically tailored to your individual metabolism.

This is a review of Metabolic Prime, the fat loss program by Dr. Jade Teta. Could this program be something useful for your fat loss goals? I highlight key info on the product that one would need to get an idea on the true worth of this program. You would then be able to make an informed choice.

About Metabolic Prime

This product is a digital fitness guide brought to you by Dr. Jade Teta geared towards men and women over the age of 35 who would like to get better fat loss results by boosting their metabolism.

The program’s approach is using the right exercise protocols that rejuvenate your metabolism and accelerate fat loss results. And Dr. Teta also highlights the bad exercise approaches that may prevent the optimal results.

metabolic prime full

The program consists of exclusive advice and step by step instructions presented via digital media that you would follow to get the promised results.

The creator, Dr. Jade Teta, came upon and refined the approach from his unique knowledge as somebody who is a certified health and fitness expert and labored long and hard to uncover the answer that actually works to boost metabolism and fat loss.

Ordering Metabolic Prime

Like you would discover on the website, Dr. Teta provide you with an array of PDFs and instructional videos to give you the program data and support.

Combined with the main system guidebook, you will obtain access to an entire video collection that features everything you need to be up and running. You’ll be shown What you should do and the approaches to take action.

You’ll get some information to for educational purposes in the early stages of the training, however if you like to get straight into the comprehensive plan, you can do just that.

Final Thoughts On Metabolic Prime

When it comes to fitnes programs with this theme there are lots of them to select from, and you can find brand new ones getting brought to the market from time to time.

Because of so many programs by different creators available to you to help in resolving your fitness issues or reach your desired fat loss goals, it’s estimated that you’ll require help to find out those that are good for you.

I give the Metabolic Prime method a thumbs up because of the final results I had observed, and also the great reputation of the creator, Dr. Jade Teta. Nevertheless, if you desire more details on the program to make a firm decision read the full review on Metabolic Prime here. This is amore detailed review that also has pros and cons.


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Developing Shoulder Delts With High Reps Workout

shoulder delts

Ever watch NBA basketball? Before the Sonics got moved to Oklahoma City, I watched all the time. Back in the 90’s I saw a game where the Sonics were playing The Spurs.

Me and my buddy were given tickets just a few rows back from the front. David Robinson walked by and I was amazed at this guy’s shoulder development. Pretty amazing basketball player too.

Anyway, after watching the NBA for years it seemed that almost every guy on the court has great shoulder development. If they are muscular at all, the shoulders are top notch.

They aren’t lifting heavy weights on the court. Just holding their arms over their heads during the game fatigues and develops their shoulders. I’m now fully convinced that the shoulders respond best to high rep, high volume work, at least some of the time.

I also believe that it pays to fatigue the muscles by minimizing rest in between sets. Are your shoulders stubborn? Experiment with reps of 20-30+ in at least some of the sets. Various lateral and bent over lateral raises work well. I typically end my shoulder workout by grabbing 10 pound dumbbells doing a set until my shoulders are burning like crazy. Wait 30 seconds and pick up the dumbbells again for another painful set.

It only takes 3-4 sets like this to really fatigue the shoulder muscles. High reps really hurt on overhead presses.

Tip: To make high rep shoulder presses tougher, push both dumbbells up together. When you alternate, the shoulders get to rest too much each rep. The idea is to fatigue the heck out the delts.

I typically use 20 pounds (which feels ridiculously light at first), but then the shoulders start burning when I’m at 15 reps I continue to push past the pain as long as possible.

If you are paranoid that you will lose strength and size? Do heavy presses for lower reps, and just use high reps for your laterals. Hope this tip helps you.


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Struck By A Cup Of Coffee

After a great workout this morning I decided to stop by Starbucks and grab my regular cup of black coffee. As always, I activated my ‘see-no-evil’ glasses that come in handy and shield me from the ever-tempting goodies (cookies, cake, scones etc) on display whenever my eyeballs go a wandering.

While waiting in line I idly schemed through the drinks menu and (mistake #1 ) decided to switch the bold coffee for a whooper cup of double white chocolate mocha minus the whip cream and with non fat milk. Feeling great about my workout and coffee treat, I strolled out the store sipping on my little piece of heaven.

Five minutes later I was home and couldn’t get over how great this coffee tasted. It probably was only about 150 calories…right? I should have probably stopped thinking at this point. But (mistake # 2) my brain kept ticking and the need for a finite answer got the best of me. With that, I reached out to my good friend Google and the findings for coffee calories knocked the socks off my feet.

The answer: My little indulgence was a ludicrous 370 calories containing 15 grams of fat which is about 130 calories of fat, 48 grams of carbs, and 12 grams of protein….and oh yeah how about 60 grams of sugar. I might as well have ordered “A cup of heart attack topped off with diabetes”! Who ever knew this much damage could be contained in a tall 12 oz cupful! It’s times like these that make me wish we had a real life “undo” button because I would have gladly puked that garbage out!! I don’t even want to think what the nutritional value of a Venti (20oz) looks like…wait for it… 501 calories! And this my friends is the epitome of insanity! Have 2 of those babies (ventis) and you’ve consumed almost a day’s worth of calories!! I feel horrible for those that consume such every single day as a way of life.

First reaction, I trashed the almost empty cup and chugged some water, not sure why, but I felt as though that was the best way to atone for my ‘irresponsible behavior’. It’s one thing to indulge in a slice of cake that I KNOW is 300 calories but drinking a cup of ‘fancy’ coffee that’s cruising incognitocalorie-wise made me feel bamboozled.

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Same Stuff Over and Over Again


There are not a lot of fitness authors and bloggers that I would compliment being original. After reading thousands of blog posts and website articles, I get a little bummed out by the same repetitive stuff I’m seeing online. I have a few tools I use to see what articles are trending each day, month and year.

There is one that went viral a couple years ago: “Why exercise won’t make you thin”

I’m not going to talk about it, because I don’t want to slam this author or the site. Plus, I’ve read this same article at least 50 times by different authors. I’m guessing half of these articles used the same picture. I just want to vent a little.

I’m not saying that my blog posts are going to be perfect, but at least I will try to present something unique. There is a lot of lazy copy cat stuff going on in the fitness industry. I think it is time for me to write more blog posts, and begin to create a new free course this fall.

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll have it done (may not be until early next year) or what format I’ll use, but I’ll make it fancier and more original than most of the stuff I’ve been reading lately.

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Welcome And My First Tip

I’m writing this the morning before I leave for work. I believe today Tuesday is a good day to begin my blogging journey Not for any big reason though, simply because it’s the day before Wednesday.

Anyway if you are reading this, thank you for being one of my first blog visitors. I really hope you continue the support.

This is my first time running an official blog on the WordPress platform. About time too! It took me 3 years to finally make the transition from blospot.com. Anyway, I’m really pumped about a this journey that happens from today. This blog is going to be themed heavily in the health and fitness niche. But it really is going to be about a lot more.

And speaking about health and fitness, I read an article last night that gave me an interesting tip. Did you know that you can use diet to create a special hormonal environment that actually kills fat cells. This means much less chance of a rebound effect after getting lean.

Most diets simply shrink existing fat cells. It is a serious breakthrough to eliminate fat cells with your diet.

I am hoping to post much more information about this in the near future, But I cannot guarantee posts schedule. Because I am busy with work this days. And I also still need to figure out how to work all the features on this new blogging platform.



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