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Dr. Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime Program Review

To burn fat, shape muscle and change your fat-burning potential for good, you need a different exercise approach that is better than the basics. Not just shorter and more intense, but one that is carefully structured and specifically tailored to your individual metabolism. This is a review of Metabolic Prime, the fat loss program by […]

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Developing Shoulder Delts With High Reps Workout

Ever watch NBA basketball? Before the Sonics got moved to Oklahoma City, I watched all the time. Back in the 90’s I saw a game where the Sonics were playing The Spurs. Me and my buddy were given tickets just a few rows back from the front. David Robinson walked by and I was amazed […]

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Struck By A Cup Of Coffee

After a great workout this morning I decided to stop by Starbucks and grab my regular cup of black coffee. As always, I activated my ‘see-no-evil’ glasses that come in handy and shield me from the ever-tempting goodies (cookies, cake, scones etc) on display whenever my eyeballs go a wandering. While waiting in line I […]

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Same Stuff Over and Over Again

There are not a lot of fitness authors and bloggers that I would compliment being original. After reading thousands of blog posts and website articles, I get a little bummed out by the same repetitive stuff I’m seeing online. I have a few tools I use to see what articles are trending each day, month and […]

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Welcome And My First Tip

I’m writing this the morning before I leave for work. I believe today Tuesday is a good day to begin my blogging journey Not for any big reason though, simply because it’s the day before Wednesday. Anyway if you are reading this, thank you for being one of my first blog visitors. I really hope […]

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