Adjustable Cat Ring

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This Adjustable Cat Ring, made by Getist, is a product that helps you symbolize your cat lover passion.

This special ring leverages a special design that is aimed to symbolize this interest.

Who Needs The Adjustable Cat Ring?

Do you adore cats? Then the Adjustable Cat Ring is without doubt for you.

Adjustable Cat Ring Photo 2

This lovely ring design combines a love for cats and silver rings alike in this product. So don’t lose your opportunity to get the lovely fusion of both that will bring that fantastic sparkle that we all need in our lives.

Pick out a brilliant range of precious charms. Discover them featured in a handful of our most desired assortments. With so many patterns and trends to decide on, the perfect Adjustable Cat Ring is just a click away.

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Our large Adjustable Cat Ring selection come in varied sizes and layouts, great for day to day wear or a luxurious occasion out.

Adjustable Ring

The ring is adjustable to fit all finger sizes. To adjust the ring, slowly stretch or push the tips until you have the perfect fit.

Woman Ring Finger

Metals Type

The Adjustable Cat Ring is made of Zinc Alloy and silver plated. Zinc alloy is a common material for making jewelry due to its versatility and affordability.

This is the reason the Adjustable Cat Ring is able to be stretched and adjusted. The ring is plated with a durable coating of silver that can take years to wear.

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  • January 2021
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