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Metabolic Renewal Quiz

If you are a woman trying to lose weight you need to take the Metabolic Renewal Quiz to discover your hormone type to experience how much easier it is to lose weight and feel great by working with your hormones in a customized way instead of fighting against them. About Metabolic Renewal and How it […]

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Using Proper Activation To Lose Stubborn Fat

For everybody who is trying to get rid of stubborn fat by natural means on any specific part of the body such as your hip it can feel like this fat is impossible to lose. That’s because stubborn fat differs from regular fat and it’s harder to eliminate. Getting rid of stubborn fat and losing […]

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Save a Dying Relationship The Love Commands Way

Whether it happens suddenly or sneaks up on you more slowly, it can be painful to wake up one day and realize that your relationship is failing. You and your partner don’t talk or do things together anymore, and it seems like when you do talk it is about your problems or it always winds […]

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Why I Love Bodyweight Training And The Metabolic Effect

Just getting ready to head on a plane to travel Los Angeles. I have been doing a crazy amount of traveling this month. On this trip, I’m going to be doing some video collaborations with some fitness coaches and I expect it to be a cool experience. As well, I’ll be speaking at a fitness […]

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Michael Fiore How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love Program

This review will look at the How To Kiss A Man program by Michael Fiore to show what it is all about and how it works. I would be surprised if most people on the Internet who were interested in dating and relationship advice weren’t familiar with the name Michael Fiore. I’ve known Mike Fiore […]

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10 Tips To Lose Fat And Get Ripped While Maintaining Muscle

Here are 10 useful tips that anyone can use to burn fat and get ripped without losing muscle. Building a ripped muscular body is something that takes a fair amount of work and a lot of commitment. You also have to work smart and approach being fit from the right perspective. You must do three […]

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The 6 Basic Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners To Gain Strength

Here you’ll find the basic calisthenics exercises that will help beginners strengthen the entire body. Each of these exercises is intended to use a different type of muscle group and this has the benefit that work uniformly, so your strength and skill level will also grow in tandem. There are many calisthenics exercises, but they […]

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Dr. Jade Teta’s Metabolic Prime Program Review

To burn fat, shape muscle and change your fat-burning potential for good, you need a different exercise approach that is better than the basics. Not just shorter and more intense, but one that is carefully structured and specifically tailored to your individual metabolism. This is a review of Metabolic Prime, the fat loss program by […]

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Developing Shoulder Delts With High Reps Workout

Ever watch NBA basketball? Before the Sonics got moved to Oklahoma City, I watched all the time. Back in the 90’s I saw a game where the Sonics were playing The Spurs. Me and my buddy were given tickets just a few rows back from the front. David Robinson walked by and I was amazed […]

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Struck By A Cup Of Coffee

After a great workout this morning I decided to stop by Starbucks and grab my regular cup of black coffee. As always, I activated my ‘see-no-evil’ glasses that come in handy and shield me from the ever-tempting goodies (cookies, cake, scones etc) on display whenever my eyeballs go a wandering. While waiting in line I […]

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