Same Stuff Over and Over Again


There are not a lot of fitness authors and bloggers that I would compliment┬ábeing original. After reading thousands of blog posts and website articles, I get a little bummed out by the same repetitive stuff I’m seeing online. I have a few tools I use to see what articles are trending each day, month and year.

There is one that went viral a couple years ago: “Why exercise won’t make you thin”

I’m not going to talk about it, because I don’t want to slam this author or the site. Plus, I’ve read this┬ásame article at least 50 times by different authors. I’m guessing half of these articles used the same picture. I just want to vent a little.

I’m not saying that my blog posts are going to be perfect, but at least I will try to present something unique. There is a lot of lazy copy cat stuff going on in the fitness industry. I think it is time for me to write more blog posts, and begin to create a new free course this fall.

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll have it done (may not be until early next year) or what format I’ll use, but I’ll make it fancier and more original than most of the stuff I’ve been reading lately.

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Welcome And My First Tip

I’m writing this the morning before I leave for work. I believe today Tuesday is a good day to begin my blogging journey Not for any big reason though, simply because it’s the day before Wednesday.

Anyway if you are reading this, thank you for being one of my first blog visitors. I really hope you continue the support.

This is my first time running an official blog on the WordPress platform. About time too! It took me 3 years to finally make the transition from Anyway, I’m really pumped about a this journey that happens from today. This blog is going to be themed heavily in the health and fitness niche. But it really is going to be about a lot more.

And speaking about health and fitness, I read an article last night that gave me an interesting tip. Did you know that you can use diet to create a special hormonal environment that actually kills fat cells. This means much less chance of a rebound effect after getting lean.

Most diets simply shrink existing fat cells. It is a serious breakthrough to eliminate fat cells with your diet.

I am hoping to post much more information about this in the near future, But I cannot guarantee posts schedule. Because I am busy with work this days. And I also still need to figure out how to work all the features on this new blogging platform.



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