10 Tips To Lose Fat And Get Ripped While Maintaining Muscle

lose fat and get rippedHere are 10 useful tips that anyone can use to burn fat and get ripped without losing muscle.

Building a ripped muscular body is something that takes a fair amount of work and a lot of commitment. You also have to work smart and approach being fit from the right perspective. You must do three things for a new body: Change your diet, perform cardio exercises and lift weights. Of these three, the first is the most important.

No matter how strong you are, the best way to get rid of the layers of excess fat covering up the muscles is to change the foods that feed the fat replace them with foods that you can use to get ripped while maintaining muscle. Here are some diet and exercise tips to help you get the shape you want. I also recommend visiting leanmuscularbody.com to get more information on losing fat and getting ripped without losing muscle.

Diet Tips

1. Consume carbohydrates smartly.

In general, people eat too many carbohydrates. But cutting carbs completely from your diet is a bad idea. You need carbs to keep your energy levels up and fuel your muscle. So smart consumption of carbs is the best approach. The carbohydrates you eat should come from whole grain breads, rice and pasta, and fruits and vegetables. Do not eat too much processed carbohydrates like white bread, which quickly turns into fat.

2. Increase protein intake.

Protein is what your muscles use to build themselves, and it is the nutritional element least likely to be converted into fat. So increasing protein consumption gives the muscles much needed amino acids for repair, maintanance and growth.

3. Change your fat intake.

Fat is not evil. In fact, your body needs fat to survive. But some fats are better than others, the trans fat greasy fast food and donuts have less nutritional value than polyunsaturated fats from olive oil.

4. Party less.

Beer, wine and spirits are a major source of empty calories. If you reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, you will shed fat faster.

Cardio Tips

5. Use The Right Cardio Duration & Intensity.

Many people try to avoid cardio for fear of losing muscle. But the truth is you would not lose muscle if you perform cardio the right way, meaning in the right amount and at the right time. Perform 20-45 minutes of cardio every other day. This might include running, swimming, cycling, rowing and everything else that gets your heart pumping.

6. Use Low Intensity Cardio.

Perform cardio for a longer period of time at a lower intensity to reduce stress on the heart. This is good for beginners, but is not as effective as high-intensity interval training.

7. Include HIIT.

Perform high intensity interval training, also known as HIIT, when you’ve got a handle on the lower-intensity workouts. This is a much shorter workout of 20-30 minutes where you exercise at a lower intensity for a minute to 90 seconds, then at extreme intensity for three minutes and repeat. This is a very effective form of cardio.

Weight Lifting Tips

7. Get A Good Weight Training Program.

Consult a trainer for a weightlifting program that works all your muscles. It is key that all muscle groups get exercised including stomach and back, and proper form must be utilized to prevent injury. The same goes for biceps and triceps, and upper body and lower body. If you don’t have access to weight training equipment you can always use a calisthenics program that requires only your body weight.

8. Aim For The 8-12 Rep Range when lifting Weights

Lift weights for eight to twelve repetitions every other day. This is the repetition range that will stimulate muscle growth, which is what you want for muscle mass.

9. Keep Lifting Heavy

When you are trying to get ripped and maintain muscle you need to be lifting heavy weights. This is very important for your body to hold on to the muscle. Ignore advice to lift low weights for high reps. This is basically just cardio, as you already do with your HIIT.

Final Tips

10. Some Additional Tips

Do not worry about getting too big. Since you do not eat so much, you will not become a bodybuilder overnight. Be careful not to injure yourself. Consult a physician if you have any health concerns.

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