The 6 Basic Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners To Gain Strength

calisthenics exercises for beginners

Here you’ll find the basic calisthenics exercises that will help beginners strengthen the entire body. Each of these exercises is intended to use a different type of muscle group and this has the benefit that work uniformly, so your strength and skill level will also grow in tandem.

There are many calisthenics exercises, but they are really just variations of the basic exercises that you’ll be introduced to. These are considered as basic because they can be done by anyone.

Here are the list of basic calisthenics exercises for beginners:

1. Push up: It works the major and minor pectoral muscles (chest), both front and rear deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (arms).
2. Squat: It works the quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and inner thighs, hips and gastrocnemius (twins).
3. Pull ups: Work teres wide dorsal, biceps, rhomboids, trapezoids, forearms and hands.
4. Leg raises: Works all muscles in the abdominal area and thighs.
5. Bridges: Work all muscles of the lower back, the rear hips and femoral biceps.
6. Handstand: Work the triceps, shoulder girdle (all shoulder muscles), the trapezius muscles, hands, fingers and forearms.

Each of these represents a challenge as to the need for dedicate, focus and knowing specifically how to execute them. Once done right, each will strengthen you in an incredible way and in a short time. You may see that your strength is really increased in the first levels of each of these exercises.

Each of these exercises has its respective level of difficulty, and each level requires that your body and mind learn to control every centimeter of movement you make. This is the true expression of force: move with control.

And despite only being basic exercises, these are a solid foundation for the street workout. Since they give superhuman strength to each muscle of the body. If you want an advance bodyweight training program check out this bar brothers system review.

Here are a few samples of advance levels of these exercises:

  • One Arm Push up – Doing push up with arm while holding the othr behind your back.
  • Side To Side Pull Ups – Doing a pull up while moving your body from side to side in each rep.
  • Bending with one hand is exactly what it sounds like – very difficult but powerful exercise for building back muscle.

In summary

As you can see there are many calisthenics exercises that can be found everywhere, but these 6 exercises are the basics beginners must start with to build strength. Then you must progress to more advanced levels of these exercises or your strength gains will soon be stalled.

Mastering each of these exercises will give you superhuman strength, which is essential for most movements running in the street workout. Such as “iron” or human flag require your body to move in a controlled manner and support the entire weight of your body at angles that are difficult to sustain.

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