Metabolic Renewal Quiz

If you are a woman trying to lose weight you need to take the Metabolic Renewal Quiz to discover your hormone type to experience how much easier it is to lose weight and feel great by working with your hormones in a customized way instead of fighting against them.

About Metabolic Renewal and How it Works

Metabolic Renewal, developed by Dr. Jade Teta, is a fitness course for women that describes how to get in shape by losing fat and sculpting muscle.

Metabolic Renewal Program

The main focus of the program is making use of the information obtained from the quiz for each individual to create the right diet and exercise plan designed to help optimize the weight loss process. One of the things it discuses is many women are using the wrong methods to lose weight and get in shape that hinder optimal results.

Metabolic Renewal will let you see an individual-based method for getting the weight loss results you want. The program is presented as a step-by-step blueprint for you to follow to get the promised results.

The program includes the best of Dr. Jade Teta’s knowledge and understanding of female weight loss from his several years of experience being part of the health and fitness industry and working with many women in his private clinic and online coaching.

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Metabolic Renewal Quiz

The main purpose of the Metabolic Renewal quiz is to first help you discover your hormone type and the specific foods, workouts and lifestyle changes that are best for you.

Using a hormone centered approach is really the best way to get the weight loss results you want. It helps you understand your metabolism and give you direct access to what is going on with your major metabolic hormones.

In the Metabolic Renewal Quiz you’ll get basic questions about:

Your age range
Your menstrual cycle
Your use of hormones
Your medical history
Your body shape
Most frustrating symptom during PMS
Your most frustrating period symptom
The #1 exercise barrier
Your biggest diet challenge
The most important issue besides losing weight and toning muscle
Your weight loss goal
The desired time to reach your goal


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